The Soothing Effects of Water

Soothing Effects Of Fountains

Fountains will turn any household into a serene environment. The natural sound of water trickling down the surface of a fountain is relaxing and calming to the mind as well as the entire body. Water graphic Fountains have been a center of your focus of attention in parks, palaces, government buildings, monuments, and private estates. They function as natural dehumidifiers while also giving a chance for crowds to enjoy a water spectacle. Also, they double up as thirst-quenchers for birds and pets.

Role of Fountains in Alternative Practices

Practitioners of contemporary alternative practices might recommend that you listen to relaxation CDs crafted from naturally occurring sounds or sound boxes that replicate the sound of oceans or flowing water for a few minutes daily, to bring down your stress levels. The lack of digital players and boom boxes to listen to sounds of flowing water might have spurned the ancients to follow a more natural course of taste in replicating the sight and sound of nature indoors. Soothing image Indoor use of water fountains dates back to many centuries ago with the Chinese inventing Feng Shui and the Japanese understanding of the positive mental states induced by the effect of moving water, which inspired the Zen masters to experiment with indoor water pools. The use of water as an inducer of positive energy, indoors, connected all objects with a force of nature, thereby mitigating and negating the ill effects of the negative energy emitted by manmade things.

Zen Masters and NOAA

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration provide a scientific explanation on what the Zen masters said – that a flowing stream of water, on impact with air, releases negative ions which in-turn impacts the serotonin level in the brain which has its say on happiness and improved positive mental states. It stimulates the action of an anti-depressant via a natural method, giving calming relief from strained and stressed-out nerves, without medication.

Effects portrayal

It is not without reason that water fountains are getting installed in houses and offices of all sizes and shapes, outdoors as well as indoors. Its ‘cooling-the-air’ effect complements the skin’s natural affinity for water while the sound of flowing water cuts out noises from the surrounding and replacing it with a healthier, natural gurgling sound. In addition to promoting a sense of well being, it also acts as a natural dehumidifier, helping you breathe easy and negating the need to employ electronic additions to do the job for you.

Purify the Air

Moreover, well-placed garden fountains remove the need to purchase air purifiers, as they remove as much or more pollutants as a conventional air purifier does. Natural sounds have positive effects on human consciousness and mental states. Water graphic Don’t forget, people were all a lot closer to nature before civilization dragged them indoors and that truth is already in the genes. When winter draws to an end, you can hear melting ice turning into murmuring streams of water that gurgles down the slopes to welcome the break of spring. Its soft sound talked to a lot of poets and made dreamers out of ordinary men and will continue to inspire whether you’re a conscious lover of nature or not.