A Fountain to Enhance Your Space

Once you have determined the size and type of indoor water fountain you wish to own, consider how you might work to highlight it within your space – and how it might change the way that space is used. Your fountain will be able to make an impact all its own, but enhancements to surrounding décor may transform your room into something exceptional. Consider purchasing an indoor fountain with recessed halogen lighting to accent the flowing water against natural slate. Placing a wall fountain in a corner with some nearby incense may convert a workout room into a meditation studio.Installing photo Transform a living room or sunroom into an indoor garden with some additional potted plants or ferns. Be creative -- the possibilities are endless. Your purchase of a fountain is not the end of your decision to relax; it's just the beginning!

Installing Your Fountain

Once your new indoor water fountain arrives, simply follow the illustrated instructions to get it up and running. Indoor fountains almost never require any plumbing hookup; the water is cycled through the unit, saving water and saving you money. If you have ordered a floor or tabletop fountain, you will have very little assembly and should have no difficulty in setting up your fountain. Wall fountains should not pose much more difficulty than hanging a large piece of art, but due to their electrical requirements there are a few extra considerations to take into account.

Installing Your Wall Fountain

Because of their large size, wall fountains can be quite heavy. Multiple panels help lower the lifting burden, but it is recommended that two people install wall fountains for the most efficient—and safest—set up. While indoor wall fountains can be installed on nearly any type of wall, we discourage hanging from sheetrock or plaster due to the weight of the fountains. Wall-mounted brackets are installed into your wall studs or other load-bearing surfaces such as wood or metal. For best results and to prevent damage to your space or new indoor water fountain, follow the instructions that are included with each of our indoor fountains to guide you through the specific process required by your purchased fountain.

Electrical Outlet

If you would like to plan ahead for the best aesthetic effect, consider placing a GFI outlet directly behind the wall fountain; an electrician should be able to do this with very little trouble. This way the electrical cord for the fountain and lights will not be visible.Installing re-creation If you choose to install an electrical outlet behind the fountain, we recommend wiring it to a wall switch that will enable you to easily turn your fountain on and off without having to reach behind the stone to pull out the plug. You may always disguise the cord with potted plants or furniture as well if you prefer.

The Soothing Effects of Water
Fountains will turn any household into a serene environment. The natural sound of water trickling down the surface of a fountain is relaxing and calming to the mind as well as the entire body. read more